Fans left agushed in excitement as Justin Bieber brings out Wizkid and they perform “Essence (Remix)” together


Canadian teen star turned music superstar—Justin Bieber—headlined the Made In America Fest, performing hit songs across decades from “Baby” to “Peaches”, wowing the crowd with every note hit, making them scream in excitement, probably even moving a few to tears. This happened last night (Sunday, September 5) at Philadelphia, USA. Of the many songs he performed yesterday’s night, his most recent feature, Wizkid’s “Essence (Remix)” made the cut and he did justice to that by bringing out Wiz on stage to share in the moment.

Wizkid donned an all-black outfit with a few chains on, even having the signature dark shades to match as he and Justin performed “Essence (Remix)” together for the first time since its release almost 3 weeks ago; Wizkid’s presence on the same stage with one of the biggest artistes right now sent chills down the nerves of many fans both home and abroad, leaving them agushed in excitement, creating a euphoric ambience as he his met with nothing but positive receptions for a masterful performance.

To cap off a night of wild suprises, Wizkid commanded the live band and the DJ to kill the music, opting to feel the crowd’s energy one last time before walking away, this they (that is, the band and the DJ) did and the crowd’s emphatic reaction was to sing along word-for-word to the Song of the Summer’s “You don’t need no other body” beautiful chorus. On getting his wish granted, Wizkid hugged his music colleague (JB) and walked off the stage a happy man.


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