Big Wiz is a luscious Casanova in “Bad To Me” video


Big Wiz shines as he performs “Bad To Me”.

Big Wiz

Big Wiz is one of the many nicknames superstar Wizkid has come to be known by. It is an alias he came up with shortly before the release of the deluxe edition of the modern-day classic, “Made in Lagos” album. It is a persona which portrays Wizkid’s larger-than-life aura but had never made its on-screen debut until now in the music video for his latest hit, Bad To Me.

In the visuals for Bad To Me, Big Wiz is billed to perform at a light night show where he will hit the main stage to perform at a light night show where he is to answer some few questions in the form of an interview before hitting the stage to show off his craftsmanship in entertainment of the live audience.

The Bad To Me video starts by showing the preparation for the late night show backstage. Immediately Big Wiz arrives at the venue, a call-to-action is made announcing the time left before the shows airs live. Wizkid pulls up in fitted green blazer with no shirt under, just some shiny silver chains to match the drip; his dancers keep the green theme alive as they all wear a smooth bodycon dress.

As the hot cake that he is, every girl wants a taste of Big Wiz and he uses that to his advantage, serenading them with his euphoric vocals while gyrating rhythmically to the groove but the plot twist in the ’90s-set film is seeing the showrunner and Big Wiz in a secret relationship. In a classic Casanova way, Big Wiz takes his secret lover to a quiet place to indulge themselves in things the mouth cannot describe.

Bad To Me provides everything needed in a music video – storyline, lyrics-to-visuals correlation, aesthetic and to-the-tee acting. Another stunner Wizkid pulls is previewing an unreleased song just before the video fades out. It is expected for that (previewed) song to appear on his forthcoming album, “More Love, Less Ego”.


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