Blaqbonez Releases Exciting 2-Song Pack: ‘Like Ice Spice / Bezos’


Discover the latest musical offerings from Blaqbonez as he treats fans to two brand-new songs. This pack is titled ‘Like Ice Spice / Bezos.’

Like Ice Spice / Bezos - Blaqbonez

Two new songs by Blaqbonez are out for music lovers to consume. The singer-rapper titles this pack ‘Like Ice Spice / Bezos.’ Both singles are loose fun tracks themed around women and money. 

• Like Ice Spice

The banging Dancehall beat introduces us to the first song – Like Ice Spice. What follows next is Blaqbonez’s warning, a conventional one at that, “If you think this song about your girl, then it is,” he sounds off. Following such a volatile warning, Blaqbonez goes on a short but firm rant on how his acquired fame and lifestyle afford him the luxury of any woman he desires. 

Blaqbonez’s confident aura can be heard and felt all through the 2:03 song. “We the big boys and we outside / Dripping like ice and we on sight / Emeka must shine,” the hook swings. 

If you are wondering why the song is titled after the American 2023 breakout star, Blaqbonez reveals, “We the big boys and we outside / Dripping like ice and we on sight / Emeka must shine.”

Verse two covers the sinful inclinations Blaqbonez has towards anybody’s girlfriend. Without remorse, he raps about the art of fornication without fearing the consequence of the girls’ partners.

•  Bezos

Blaqbonez never shies away from speaking about his Aeonian love for money. Now that the money is manifesting, Blaqbonez brags about the intricate form of opulence he associates with. 

Blinding Jewellery, thrilling parties in exotic locations, and enchanting women are no longer fairytales since Blaqbonez started swimming in money. 

His motivation is stunted by his present gifts, rather the artiste declares “Give me one year I go be like Bezos” in preparation to amass more currency.  

Both song roll-outs featured Blaqbonez and a gang of followers dressed like South Central L.A Hispanic cult. A white vest, baggy three-quarter shorts, and a bandanna are worn by Emeka and his Muchachos De Granja crew. 

These songs—Like Ice Spice / Bezos—are expected to be included in Blaqbonez’s next album. 


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