SaveMilli puts out 2 new songs—”Justin” and “Rose”


SaveMilli releases his second 2-song package of 2022 with Justin / Rose, an affirmation to his star power to attract the exotic class of ladies, his party-filled lifestyle while spreading his lover boy aura all over the second song, Rose.

Both songs contain similar instruments—the piano (blown at regular intervals and similar rhythms), bass drums and the generic Afropop midtempo BPM—but are produced by two different producers, savetheworld made Justin while Brizybeatz produced Rose.

On the first track of the 2-song package, SaveMilli raps about his ability to get into the pants of any woman of his choice and how dainty his sex game is; he proclaims to be enjoying the attention of the ladies much like Pop star Justin Bieber, soaking in the high never sober partying lifestyle; “Rose” serves as Milli’s way of pleading with his love interest not to take him for granted in the relationship because the love is real (not lust), sweeping him off his feet.

SaveMilli previously released “Like This / Studio” earlier in the year, Justin / Rose is the follow-up. Listen.


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