Blaqbonez Makes Music Video Director Debut With “Back In Uni” Video, Recreating Iconic Scenes From Notable 2022 Nigerian Music Videos And Pop Culture Clips


Blaqbonez impersonates top Nigerian artistes’ music videos in “Back In Uni” video. He makes his director debut too.

Back In Uni (Official Music Video) - Blaqbonez

Emeka Akumefule, who answers Blaqbonez as his professional name is known for his unorthodox philosophies and approach to creativity, be it lyrically, visually or in written form, Blaqbonez never fails to intrigue the audience by attacking every work with tenacious authenticity. His latest work of art, Back In Uni, testifies to the prelude.

Back In Uni marks Blaqbonez’s first directorial duty in a music video which he executed to perfection. An amazing feature Blaqbonez brought to life is the recreation of popular Nigerian music video scenes and pop culture events (image and motion pictures) which made waves this year. Below is a breakdown of these re-enactments by Blaqbonez.

• Bas To Me by Wizkid

What is Nigerian pop culture without Wizkid? Nothing! Immediately the video starts, Blaqbonez is seen pulling out of a high-end ride. He does this to interrupt an ongoing wedding in a church. He picks out a single flower from the bouquet held by the bride; walks some feet away from the brouhaha and strikes a pose like Wizkid did on the cover artwork for his newest song, “Back To Me”.

• Soundgasm by Rema

In the music video for “Soundgasm” by the proclaimed Afro-Rave star—Rema, he paints the muse in his presence, describing her anatomy and what he wishes to do to her later in the bedroom. This Blaqbonez re-enacted with a twist in the plot, as he grandly paints himself on the canvas in correlation with Back In Uni lyrics. His way of displaying self-indulgence and unwarranted high self-esteem.

• KU LO SA – A COLORS SHOW by Oxlade

Like a burning forest, “KU LO SA” can’t be stopped as it keeps ravaging the world with its brilliance. Oxlade’s falsetto and hand-swinging back-and-forth performance illuminated everyone’s screen immediately after the song was released with its accompanying green room studio video. Blaqbonez must have such goal in mind by making a rendition of Oxlade’s performance.

Blaqbonez doing the #KulosaChallenge

• Money Before You Love – Portable

Portable went viral on social media for posting himself singing an unreleased song which turned out to be “Money Before You Love” which contains the lyrics: “God abeg o / Who go help o?” Those lyrics made rounds on the internet, Twitter and Instagram especially, so it is no surprise Blaqbonez added his twist to it. Instead of the lyrics, Blaqbonez wrote I know you dey carry me for in tiny fonts, opting to make Dem go Rip U (a phrase portable uses a lot) in bigger bolder fonts. To close the scene, Blaqbonez raises his shoulder as if he were a kangaroo, a stance Portable trended.

• BNXN (Propeller) vs Ruger (Girlfriend)

Ruger and BNXN have exchanged words on social media a few times, shoving insults at each other. Blaqbonez reminds us of this by making a split view of BNXN fka Buju’s “Propeller” and Ruger’s “Girlfriend” videos. Applying humour, Blaqbonez’s Ruger is seen vexing at Blaqbonez’s version of BNXN, while he waves if off by smiling so radiantly.

Ruger appears to be vexed at BNXN

• Dazed Magizne cover by Burna Boy

Blaqbonez is seen carrying an old television model in a white background similar to Burna Boy’s cover edition of Dazed, an international magazine firm. He dresses in like fashion as Burna Boy, going topless. Only a long black trouser is worn, as he holds a TV with a plus-size model showing on the screen.

Blaqbonez holding a TV

• Rush – Ayra Starr

Blaqbonez recreates “Rush” visualizer by Ayra Starr. He is in a pool, adorning a glittery feminine attire with a wig on his hear, overflowing his glass alcohol in imitation of Ayra Starr in the visualizer. The dark room lit with a red light also matches the ambience.

• Bandana – Asake scene

The cut where Asake is seen in a church, dressed in a cream suit, crying, showing off his silver grills and blinking his eyes rapidly is impersonated by Blaqbonez. In a similar motion, he steps into the church, repeats his lyrics verbally and moves his eyebrows in an open-and-close sequence. Blaqbonez even made sure his hair was made like Asake’s dreadlocks. The “Asake” tattoo turned “BONEZ” on Blaqbonez’s neck did not go unnoticed.

• Easter Eggs

Some scenes that might have gone unnoticed are the Steflon Don modelling scene which transitioned to Blaqbonez recreating the Daze cover by Burna Boy (an indirect connotation to Burna Boy’s “Last Last” in which he talks about their breakup and how it affected him) and the Carter Efe rendition correlating with the lyrics “I know you dey carry me for my mind but it is no use / You see me on the tele’ and it’s stressing on your mental (Mental) / Omo no dey vex, forget am / The street’s bad for your mental health / Shey you no dey see am for internet? / Look at the things I do / Oh Jah can’t save my soul”. Blaqbonez uses a plus-size model for Lizzo and a bald man wearing a white singlet and his face painted with white powder to buttress the visuals.

Watch the video for Back In Uni:


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