Omah Lay embellishes his melancholy with sweet melodies on his debut album, “Boy Alone”


Omah Lay’s debut album “Boy Alone” has arrived!

Artwork for “Boy Alone”

Stanley Omah Didia known as Omah Lay professionally has finally released his debut album! After several delays involving the date of release being pushed back, Boy Alone, Omah Lay’s debut studio album can finally be heard on all music streaming platforms.

Since his introduction to the mainstream media in 2020, Omah Lay has built a reputation as a silent worker by staying away from the media drama and allowing his music to speak for him; although mostly short in length (under 3 minutes), the sweet melodies like a cigarette addiction have the listeners hooked, always wanting more. That dexterity is one of Omah Lay’s greatest strengths which he exploited maximally on Boy Alone.

Under the sweet melodies, danceable tunes and interesting beat is the embellished melancholy of the singer. Even when he sings about female companionship and the fast life, Omah Lay never shys from bringing the listeners into his world of heartbreaks, loneliness and mental instability.

Over forty percent of the 14 songs recorded on Boy Alone carry the heavyweight of gloom in which Omah Lay gives a tour of his battles with his polar mental well-being. Melancholic topics such as grief (never forget), heartbreak (understand), social vices (soso, temptations), and depressed mental state (i’m a mess, attention) are touched on with a recurring theme of drinking and smoking as a form of escapism.

When Omah Lay is not wallowing in his emotions, he is killing time by having fun with the ladies, whether sexually (bend you, tell everybody) or through companionship (woman, how to luv, i).

Omah Lay made Boy Alone as personal as can be, only allowing two features, Justin Bieber on the promotional House single woman and R&B’s finest, Tay Iwar on the smooth sultry tell everybody. The production of the album is a blend of Afrobeats, Highlife and a little mix of Dance (or House music) but sung predominantly in a R&B tone, giving room for Omah Lay’s emotions to be heartily felt.


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