Big Brother Naija All-Stars Week 7 Recap: Doyin, Kim Oprah Evicted


Week 7 in Big Brother’s house included some moments that fans will remember as highlights of the All-Star season. The week featured multiple housemate fights, Doyin and Kimoprah’s eviction, and Pere’s tears. Here’s a rundown of the major events from Week 7 of the Big Brother Naija All-Stars season.

Big Brother Naija All-Stars Week 7 Head of House Games

At the start of the week, Omashola took over from Doyin as head of house. He emerged victorious during this week’s HOH games. In which Big Brother told the housemates to bounce balls into rectangular-shaped boxes.

Cross, Venita, Kimoprah, Omashola, Adekunle, and Neo made it through the first round of games. But Omoshola eventually won the second round by placing balls in the correct boxes. Following his victory, he chose Ilebaye, White Money, Mercy, and Cee-C as his BFFs (weekly friends). Adekunle also gained exemption from eviction through the black envelope.

Fights and squabbles in Big Brother Naija All-Stars Week 7

This week, Biggie’s parrot returned and revealed several secret conversations between the housemates. These revelations provoked disputes among housemates like Doyin and Pere and Angel and Neo, among others.

Pere and Doyin had the most heated argument of the week. The parrot exposed a conversation involving Doyin, Alex, Ceec, and other housemates. In which Doyin allegedly referred to Pere as a weakling. Doyin, however, argued that the housemates misheard her statement. She added that she referred to Pere as a “Whitney” rather than a “weakling.

The parrot’s gist emotionally impacted Pere, who burst into tears quickly after hearing it. Which left Doyin perplexed because she had informed him that she was the one who spoke the words the parrot revealed.

Things between the two housemates got more heated when Doyin overheard a conversation between Pere and Alex about the situation. Resulting in Doyin calling Pere out for denying that he talked about Cross snatching Kim Oprah from him. The situation eventually degenerated into a screaming match, which ended after Pere punched a hole in the wall.

The parrot also disclosed that Doyin, in a conversation with an unknown housemate, told Neo that Angel nominated her for eviction. Immediately after the parrot’s reveal, Angel confronted Neo about his conversation with Doyin. Neo, however, maintained his stand. This resulted in Angel unleashing her anger on him.

Big Brother All-stars housemate Doyin

The parrot also disclosed that other housemates claimed Mercy made remarks about Kim Oprah and Cross’s relationship. Mercy, on the other hand, dismissed the accusation while screaming to Ilebaye. She even predicted that she will win this season of the reality show which stunned Ilebaye. Soon later, Big Brother gave Mercy her first strike for violating microphone and whispering restrictions. He said that the strike was triggered by her repeated refusal to follow the house rules.

Mercy then had an outburst, declaring that she would leave the house. She said: “Biggie I will leave the house, don’t fucking try me. I have got my shit on; you people should stop playing with me. Don’t fucking play with me”.

Sunday Night Eviction

On Sunday, Doyin became the 12th housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija All-Stars season, following her eviction during the live eviction show. During the Sunday live eviction show, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu also evicted houseguest Kim Oprah from the Big Brother all-star house.


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