Abstraktt calls on Bella Shmurda for “Ogogoro Bop” single

Upcoming rapper, Abstraktt recreates a beer parlour ambience on his latest single—Ogogoro Bop—featuring fast-rising music talent, Bella Shmurda.The suave play of the guitar introduces listeners to the pleasant production of Ogogoro Bop before Bella Shmurda adds his charismatic flavour to the song by voicing the hook, “Aya, Plenty money dey for the bank, aya / Pretty girls dem full the back, aya / Shayo galore, live your life, aya aya ya” he teases, setting the mood, providing just the right vibes for Abstraktt to takeover.

Abstraktt would go on to rap about how much money he’s got, confidently boasting of not being played by any man, not even the finest girls can distract him from his craft. He raps: ““Okay, no man a contester / . . . / You can’t play me, you far from AlexaIn real life you’re Fletcher / But on insta you ball like Iniesta (Omo mehn ewo)”, he intuitively uses football puns to prove his point.

Ogogoro Bop is prodcued by Jesse Alordiah, a Juju and Afrobeat mash-up, Afro-Juju as it is fondly called; on this track, there is enough shots to go round (pun intended), both for drinking and otherwise so sit back, grab a cup and bop to the intoxicating tune.


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