New Trailer for The Marvels Features Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel Teaming Up


Marvel studios releases The Marvels trailer and a new poster ahead of the film’s upcoming release.

It’s been over a year since that post-credit scene in the Ms. Marvel finale teased the return of Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau in Marvel Studios’ upcoming team-up film, The Marvels.

Now the studio has released a new trailer that provides more details on the film. The Marvels trailer picks up from Ms. Marvel’s post-credits scene, which showed Kamala Khan suddenly switching places with Carol Danvers. A situation that left both Carol and the audience confused. We all had confused expressions on our faces after watching it. But the swap is immediately addressed in the trailer with Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris).

She explains that the new villain, Dar-Benn, intertwined their light-based powers to weaken Carol. As a result of Dar-Benn’s actions, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau swap places whenever their powers are used. Thus, the trio must team up to defeat Dar-Benn and understand the mystery behind their connection. As with all MCU films, this will ultimately make all three a more powerful team.

The only information The Marvels trailer provides on the film’s antagonist, Dar-benn, played by Zawe Ashton, is that she’s a Kree alien who wields Ronan the Accuser’s hammer. Furthermore, like many MCU antagonists, she’s not entirely evil, as her primary aim is to reunite the Kree race after a devastating civil war. However, she does intend to take vengeance on Carol Danvers for her role in the Civil War, but which self-respecting Kree doesn’t? 

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) in The Marvels

The Marvels, which is understandably one of the year’s most anticipated films. It is simultaneously a sequel to four Marvel properties: WandaVision, Captain Marvel, Secret Invasion and Ms. Marvel. The Marvels is also the first MCU property to confirm the nature of Captain Marvel’s powers explicitly. In the trailer, Monica Rambeau states that Captain Marvel absorbs light, Kamala Khan converts it into physical constructs, and Monica herself can see it. In addition, Marvel studios also released a new poster to accompany the trailer. You can view the new poster below.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has also hyped up the film, comparing it to The Avengers movie. “There’s something immensely powerful about seeing Monica, Kamala, and Carol together in a frame,” he stated. “It’s only akin to watching the first Avengers movie and seeing the six of them together in a frame. It’s chill-inducing. They’re so great together, and they all have different histories with one another.”

The Marvels debuts in theaters November 10, 2023.


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