Wuhan Completes One Of Two New Hospitals For Coronavirus Patients In Ten Days


Huoshenshan hospital, one of two temporary hospitals in central China’s Hubei province built with special medical facilities to combat the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The temporary hospital was completed in just ten days and opened to patients on February 3, 2020. The hospital is 200,000 square feet and will provide additional 1,000 beds specifically for patients suffering from coronavirus.

The construction of the hospital began on January 24, more than 1000 construction workers and more than 100 construction machines worked day and night in a race against time. With prefabricated units and thousands of workers working through the night, the scale and speed of constructions were made possible. Over 40 million people watched the live-stream of the construction.

The second facility in Leishenshan is due to be completed a few days from now, the hospital will have an estimate of 1500 beds. Combined, the hospitals will provide 2500 beds for coronavirus patients.

Officials hope the hospitals can help relieve pressure on Wuhan’s overburdened health-care system while managing the spread of a virus that has killed more than 700 people and infected more than 31,000 globally.


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