Victony releases debut 7-track “Outlaw” album


Victony introduces listeners into his world, a universe called “Outlaw” on his debut album.

Cover artwork of "Outlaw" album by Victony

Victony launches his alternate universe themed debut album titled Outlaw, a world where according to Victony: “I just want to be myself. But it seems like being yourself, especially in this part of the world, it’s sort of a crime. And I’m like—if being myself is a crime, then I’m an outlaw.” The motive behind creating this alternate universe as a representation of him and those who wish to be identified by his ideology: “In my position as an artist, many people would want to tell you how to live your life and what to do at different points.” Victony tells Apple Music.

Outlaw is a 7-track album, Victony’s first which balances on the foundational blocks of romantic love, purpose (of life) and living life to the fullest. On the intro track (Outlaw), Victony introduces listeners into the Outlaw world which requires gut to chase your dreams, not being scared of anything or being bothered by people’s opinion but having the sheer will to go after after your dreams—a defined purpose. Chop & Slide is a R&B record about an avaricious girl who in no way has commitment (to their seemingly present relationship) in mind. Apollo is the next track, an already released song which takes the album from a moody introspective sound to a more vibrant energetic ambience; All Power stays with the club theme of vibrant bouncing vibe, a song about a gregarious guy being overwhelmed by and surrendering to the mammoth-size of the female booty. Jolene keeps the same happy energy, a song in which Victony pleads with his love interest to show assure him of stability and stop being all over the place. The last 2 songs returns the moody introspective self-conscious Victony sound, they are titled Soweto and Kolomental, the latter was released last week, an emotional song on which Victony seeks solace and peace.

P.Priime, Tempoe, BlaiseBeatz, Ktizo are producers who worked with Victony in making sure his imagination sounds as good as narrated. Obviously we know to expect deep songwriting, well-expressed vocal renditions of emotions and solid production which all happened as protected.


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