Listen to Tim Lyre on his debut album, “Worry <"

Singer-songwriter and producer, Tim Lyre, shows off his multi-faceted personality on debut album, Worry < (worry less), expressing feelings of anxiety, love, loss, gratitude and more across the neo-soul, Afro-fusion, pop, trip-hop produced 9 tracks.

Tim Lyre uses laid back slow to midtempo to bring the predominant ambient music theme into fruition on Worry < while delving into other genres like the Afrobeats “Highlife”, Afro-Cuban “Present” and uptempo “Primetime”. MOJO AF (“General”), PrettyboyDO and Lady Donli (“Highlife”), Tena Tenpo (“Original”), DAP The Contract (‘Syzygy”), Lex Amor (“Hubris”), July Drama and Kobla Jr (“Primetime”) all bring their distinctive energy and lyrical prowess on Worry <.

Due to the breezy, melodic poetry of Tim Lyre on Worry <, it evokes retrospection and calmness while the percussive backdrops and afro-futuristic soundscapes help lift the mood.


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