Venom 3 is Officially in Pre-production According to Tom Hardy

Venom star Tom Hardy recently released an update about the upcoming third installment in the Venom franchise. The star took to Instagram to reveal that Venom 3 is officially in pre-production.

This update comes after months of silence on the film’s progress. Hardy’s last statement on the film, in which he confirmed that the scriptwriting process for Venom 3 had begun, came shortly after Sony announced that the project was in development. He also teased that the franchise may soon end. 

What’s more, Hardy also shared a deleted scene that was cut from 2018’s Venom, showing Eddie Brock and his Symbiote companion bantering while approaching a hospital. Watch the clip below. 

Though Sony has yet to reveal the plotlines for Venom 3, the film will undoubtedly play a key role in the future of the studio’s planned Spider-Man universe. Which involves several other Spiderman-related movies in development, such as Bad Bunny’s El Muerto, Kraven the Hunter, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Madame Web.

Hardy’s Eddie Brock last appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home after Dr. Stranger’s spell pulled him and the Symbiote into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This brief cameo inadvertently resulted in a piece of the symbiote getting stuck in the MCU. Eddie and the Symbiote were transported back to their home world.Shortly afterwards, Sony Pictures greenlit Venom 3. 

It is currently uncertain if Venom 3 will follow Hardy’s character as he searches for a spiderman in his work. Or if Venom 3 will address the plot point that Hardy’s cameo set up. Involving the piece of the symbiote is still stuck in the MCU. The details are expected to get clearer as production gets closer to principal photography. 

Likewise, it’s still uncertain if Sony plans to introduce a new Spiderman into their universe. Or integrate Tom Holland’s, which so far has been a major player in the MCU.

Moreover, according to unverified sources, Sony’s Madame Web will feature a baby Peter Parker. Further, Kraven the Hunter is a comic book character described as the world’s best hunter. Who is obsessed with hunting Spider-Man because he believes him to be the world’s most dangerous predator. So, there are hopes that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will appear in Kraven’s origin story.

Venom 3 will reportedly begin filming in June.


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