Black Sherif returns with the emphatic song – “Soja”

Black Sherif sings about his ailments and sheds light on his mental state in his latest single, “Soja”.

Soja by Black Sherif

Since his emergence to the forefront of Nigerian mainstream media with Second Sermon (Remix) featuring Burna Boy, some things stood out about the 20-year-old Ghanaian musician known as Black Sherif which are (1) zeal—the ability to pour his soul into the microphone, (2) lyricism—his brilliant use of words to paint pictures and (3) the ‘X factor’—his seemingly quiet aura but effortless will to construct a conscious hit record in an Industry filled with party-popping jams. These three (3) factors are strongly incorporated in making the singer’s latest single, Soja.

Black Sherif marks his return with the soulful emphatic song which showcases him speaking on his anxieties, inferiority complex and challenges as a man who many see as being strong-willed and triumphant in his endeavours, therefore should not be bothered by those ailments. “My own anxiety / My inferiority what what what / Ah! dem all dey kill me (Dem all dey kill me) / And I don’t feel okay / My heart is beating so fast”, Black Sherif pens down some of his afflictions but is determined not to use them as excuses for not being up-to-task or performing effectively, so he emphasised in the hook, “Oh Soja Soja Soja Soja / Stand and beat your chest / Them dey come / Them dey come / Them dey come / No make them catch you off-guard / Don’t let them touch your skin o”. This hook also serves as a double-entendre which is Black Sherif’s way of saying he is always prepared for the ‘opps’ (or opposition or enemy) attack.

In the second verse, Black Sherif details how burying his brother took a toll on him, singing “Streets getting colder”, concluding it in a melancholic tone, “This season is a very dark one (A very dark season)”.

Soja is set to be track four on Blacko’s forthcoming album titled “The Villain I Never Was” which will see the light of day on October 6 2022.


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