Rema puts out 2-song pack—‘Holiday / Reason


‘Holiday’ and ‘Reason’ are the new songs released by Rema today.

Artwork designed by Puppuppup

The new generation poster boy, Rema, is having a hell of a year, and the crazy part is it is just February. He returns to releasing bangers with his first musical offering of the year, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Reason You’, a 2-song capsule. 

• Holiday

In the first track of the 2-song pack, Rema blasts the naysayers for not believing in his God-given ability to craft music that will suit the world’s music palette; he also shares a glimpse of his newly found lifestyle. 

I will never forget the time wey bad belle them cast us away / Fast forward to today / Everyday na holiday-ayy, ayy, ayy”, Rema sings victoriously in the chorus. 

Aside from addressing the doubters, and flaunting his well-earned fame, Rema takes his listeners back to how the musical journey started. 

Because I wan feed my family / Na ‘im make me thief my own guy laptop”, Rema speaks of having it rough-edged back in the days, “Straight out of Benin / I drop “Rema – EP” / 2019, they think say the gbedu go finish”, the singer talks about his first EP and the struggle that ensued, namely creating more hits after his debut EP which contained ‘Iron Man’, and ‘Dumebi.’

Rema uses nice puns to capture his new status in Holiday, “If e be say you wan carry my weight / You go need new gym instructor”, and “No calculator fit count my surplus” are just a few of them. 

Throughout Holiday, Rema upheld a grateful and prayerful outlook on life, asking God to keep blessing him and watching over his family. 

Blaise “Obah” Beats produced Holiday. 

• Reason You

It is the month of love, and Rema is interested in “Omo Won”, he made public knowledge in Reason You.

The Trap-Emo production of Reason You provided enough room for the versatile rapper-singer to express his emotions to the girl he desires. 

Girl I no dey whine you / If to say I no see anything in you / I no go reason you, I no go reason you”, the singer shoots his shot. 

Rema understands his status in society, knowing he can pull any girl he desires but chose to pursue Omo Won which has resulted in him being the butt of the joke in his friendship circle. 

The singer is unbothered regardless, lauding Omo Won as “special to me”, hence the reason he wants her to be his. 

On the other hand, Omo Won appears to be stalling which is why Rema asks “Are you taken or are you available?”, but it appears she is, for the singer clocks “And the way you dey move / E be like say you get boyfriend.” 

The one-beat pattern fused with the striking electronic guitar strings production is the handiworks of Alex Lustig, 80root, and LNKmusic

All songs in the 2-song capsule are licensed to Mavin Global Holdings and Jonzing World Entertainment

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