After a whole year of preaching against love, Blaqbonez flaunts his girlfriend on the internet


Gbemmydaniels & Blaqbonez.

Nigerian rapper-singer-songwriter, Emeka Akumefule known as Blaqbonez, has successfully built a prolific career for himself as a diverse artiste and a brand as a comic character on social media, most especially are his schemes of convincing fans and followers not to believe in love, fall in love and worse still, become involved in any romantic relationship.

To pass his message closer to heart of fans, Blaqbonez created an alter ego named Emeka The Stallion which manifested more on his 2021 hit album, “Sex Over Love”. On “Sex Over Love”, Blaqbonez preached toxic masculinity, promiscuity, infidelity in relationships amongst other intoxicating topics with the hope of steering listeners away from the idea of an ideal loving romantic relationship. “I’m a heartbreaker, not a lover, yeah“, he sings on the chorus of the first track, “Novacane”; “Yo, I learn to suppress my emotions / Can’t let these f–king b–ches see no emotions / ‘Cause when they see, them go walk all over you“, he says with vim on “Okwaraji”, “Why I go dey chase person when any day she fit dey with another personOh, it was just your turn o, my guy“, Blaqbonez continues on the first verse.

Not surprisingly is Blaqbonez tagging his first headline concert which held on Valentine’s Eve 2022—Breaking The Yoke Of Love. Catching fans and followers off-guard is the rapper coming forthright to shower loving praises on a particular girl known as Gbemmydaniels (@galowthebaddie on Twitter) with the romantic caption: “Love is beautiful when you find the right feels wrong to continue to hide you from the world cos last year when i lost my brother no one else was there for me but you @galowthebaddie“.

Viewers, supporters and virtually everyone seem to be perplexed as to why Blaqbonez could have been in a relationship after a whole year of preaching against romantic love. Some are of the opinion that this is just one of his many tantrums to promote his song, others believe it merely a skilt while some cannot fathom are how much bamboozled they must have been to have fallen for Blaqbonez social media tricks.


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