Lojay mixes bits of romantic and toxic love in ‘Gangster Romantic’


Lojay comes through with ‘Gangster Romantic’, a 7-song musical project.

Gangster Romantic artwork

Lekan Osifeso Junior rather referred to as Lojay unveils his second project since his breakout year (2021). He fittingly titles it Gangster Romantic as he shows a bit of romantic loving and toxic aura through the lyrical content available in the project. Gangster Romantic runs for 20 minutes and has 7 songs in its playlist.

Lojay kickstarts Gangster Romantic with YAHWEH in which he expresses his submissiveness to his sexual partner. He even professes to want to worship her stunning body. “Give me devotion properly / I don’t need no secret love,” he sings in the first chorus, “Yahweh / Girl you make a man say Yahweh,” Lojay admits in the second chorus. 

The second, third, and fourth tracks—LEADER!, MOTO, and CANADA—are familiar records that compendiously carry the romantic-toxic theme of the project. In the second and latter, Lojay reaches deep for his emotional persona while in the first, he does not give a hoot about attachment to any female affiliate of his. “Leave her / If she move wrong, leave her / Too many babes on signal,” the star sings with pride. 

Lojay almost single-handedly carries Gangster Romantic with his ever-enigmatic yet euphonious vocals except for CANADA which features extra vocals from SA’s DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small. Both DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small produced the record alongside Herc Cut The Lights

He works with a lot more producers than he did on his previous EP. P.priime (LEADER!, OVA), ElementZ (MOTO), Louddaaa (IYD), Magicsticks (AVAILABU), and Moon Willis (YAHWEH). 

Since Gangster Romantic began on a romantic note, Lojay made it a mission to end with his most toxic musical offering to date—OVA. With OVA, he lets hell loose, admitting “We knew, we knew, we knew, we knew, we knew we / Could never work out truly / Like Romeo loving Julie” even though they had a stint together. Now full of regret, Lojay cries aloud, “I should have cheated on you.” It is clear through the well-written verses that Lojay is heartbroken for not getting his love reciprocated by his ex-lover. “You don’t even listen listen no more / You don’t wanna see my point of view,” he soulfully voiced out.

Now that the relationship is over, Lojay is ready to unleash his toxic side. What a gangster ending to a stupendous project! 


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