JAE5 calls on Bnxn for ‘Love Made Me Do It’ Collab


Love Made Me Do It - JAE5 & Bnxn

The multi-talented instrumentalist and producer JAE 5 recruits the vocal prowess of Nigerian star Bnxn for their joint song, Love Made Me Do It. This new song is an ode to JAE5’s wife, Pearl Kosi courtesy of Bnxn’s melodic narration. 

The familiar Afrobeats chords set the tone for Bnxn’s low-toned voice to serenade. The very essence of the Love Made Me Do It instrumental flows through the gentle strike of the acoustic guitar, the well-patterned rhythm of the drum beat, and the intricate fondle of the semi-acoustic guitar. All sounds are blended masterfully by JAE5.

Bnxn sings to tendering love and affection on his lover, even prioritizing her first in life. That is something JAE5 has been vocal about by show of PDA on his socials. Vacations, birthday shout-outs, and words of affirmation are just a few elements of JAE’s loving care for Pearl Kosi evident on his media pages, especially Instagram. Undeniably, love made him do it.

“Say your body bad of the highest degree”; “Say you dey stress, then I got what you need”; “So fun mi where you dey / Tell me say you no far away” are some expressions hinting out the extra mile Bnxn (and by extension, JAE) is willing to go to please his lover. 

The calm tone and well-produced ambiance of Love Made Me Do It make for a mellifluous experience. Listen! 


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