Filming for Euphoria Season 3 to Begin in Late 2023


HBO’s teen series, Euphoria, has become a global sensation over its two seasons. Amassing a loyal fan base and numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and several Emmys for its lead star, Zendaya.

Euphoria’s immense popularity is due to its controversial storylines, complex characters, excellent cinematography, meme-worthy moments, and impressive cast. Over the course of its second season, these qualities allowed the series to dominate social media conversations on a weekly basis. So, it was unsurprising that HBO immediately renewed the series for a third season once the second season concluded.

However, it seems Euphoria’s fans will have to wait longer than expected as filming for season 3 is scheduled to begin later than initially anticipated. Series star Maude Apatow revealed the disappointing news in a recent interview with Vogue.

The star, who was promoting her latest project, “Little Shop of Horrors,” stated: “I honestly don’t know a single thing.” “We should be getting scripts and hearing about next season soon-ish, but I’m totally in the dark!”

Furthermore, according to Apatow, having the filming date pushed back to the later half of 2023 allowed her to star in the Off Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors. An earlier report by Production Weekly, via Collider, in August 2022, reported that Euphoria Season 3 would begin filming in February 2023. Indicating that it could premiere at some point in late 2023 or the first half of 2024. However, this timeline is no longer feasible due to the delayed filming date.

Thus, the third season of Euphoria would most likely air in late 2024. As a result, some may question why the season is taking so long. Though there are several contributing factors to the delayed filming date. The likeliest reason is the busy schedules of its cast, particularly the show’s lead, Zendaya.

Zendaya has grown significantly in popularity since filming season 1 of the show, despite several commitments to other projects. Season 3 couldn’t begin filming last year due to scheduling conflicts between Dune: Part Two and The Challengers.

Likewise, other stars of the show, including Apatow, Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi, and Hunter Schafer, all have filming commitments outside the show. As a result, filming for euphoria becomes more difficult.


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