Chris Brown refutes the Michael Jackson comparison

Chris Brown finally clears the air on the never-ending comparison between him and Michael Jackson.

Chris Brown makes a special guest appearance on BigBoyTV (YouTube)

The late great Michael Jackson needs no introduction. Apart from having one of the most stellar careers in the world of music, he transcends into being a motivation for millions of others outside the four-corner walls of music, heck even the entertainment industry. Chris Brown on the other hand is a musical genius who has not shied away from proclaiming his love for Michael, even going further to model his songs, dance moves and performance after the great musician on several occasions, just to show how much of a big fan he is, so much he is considered a protégé of the King of Pop.

It is no surprise then to see fans of both brilliant musicians and music enthusiasts, especially on the online social media scene excessively compare these acts which has led to the unending debate on who the better/greater musician is between Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. As many people believe Michael Jackson is greater in every aspect than Chris Brown and should not be compared with the 33-year-old R&B and Pop superstar so are they who are willing to die on the hill, supporting the notion of Chris Brown being the better musician.

But Chris Brown cannot seem to tolerate the incessant comparison with his idol. He views it as an insult to everything Micheal Jackson achieved and means to him personally. Speaking with American On-Air Personality Big Boy on his YouTube’s BigBoyTV channel, Chris Brown refutes any such comparison and statements tending to him being better than Michael Jackson as “cap”, a slang for lie or false. “My personal take on it, I wouldn’t even be breathing or be able to sing a song if [Michael Jackson] didn’t exist”, he says, giving all the props to MJ. Continuing his statement, he boldly debunks claims of him being better than Michael Jackson, “[Micheal Jackson’s] is light-years away . . . there is no competing with him.

Chris Brown also speaks on never being a fan of the unending debate, not even entertaining such conversations in his private abode. “I stay the hell out of it. I kinda back off it (sic).


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