BOJ, Zamir and Amaarae want two things in new track—‘Money and Laughter’


ALTE pioneer and DRB Lasgidi member-BOJ on the microphone, Zamir and Chill songstress—Amaarae have converged on a new track- ‘Money and laughter’. 

The 2 minutes 31 seconds track is a laid back seductive ‘Alte’ tune. It’s definitely a mid tempo soothing song that puts you in relaxed state.

BOJ  brought his solem ‘Alte’ vibe to life as usual on the new track, Amaarae took control of the hook, lacing it with seductive lyrics, Zamir on the other hand came in with soft bars which was immediately followed by Amaares resplendently calm hook.

Money and laugher is definitely one of those tracks that gives you the laid back alte vibe, it’s a seductive summer jam, no alliterations intended. It reminds you of songs like ‘Popping again’ and ‘Tungba’.

BOJ sure knows his way around his kind of music. Bless your earbuds today.


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