Big Brother Naija All Stars: Adekunle Wins First HOH Games


On Monday, the Big Brother Naija All Stars season had its first HOH game.

This game was refreshingly different from that of previous seasons as it featured the housemates entering the arena individually. Unlike in previous seasons where housemates entered together and got to watch each other play.The HOH game was a memory challenge whereby housemates had 60 seconds to memorize 20 items under several boxes displayed in the arena. They were each given five minutes to select an envelope containing pictures of items from a basket, find the items, as well as their other pair.

Several housemates struggled with understanding the rules of the game, especially Uriel and Kiddwaya. However, they were allowed to replay the game by Big Brother. Likewise, other housemates also mixed things up, resulting in big brother repeatedly simplifying things.The game ended with Cross, Alex, Ike, Soma, and Adekunle in the top five. However, Adekunle was crowned the HOH with just a 12 second lead above the others. Thereby granting him immunity from eviction this week.

Big Brother then stated that as HOH, Adekunle could select four BFFs who would enjoy some of the HOH benefits. He chose Frodd, Seyi, Soma, and Cross, granting them unrestricted access to the HoH gym, lounge, and bedroom. Mercy also earned immunity from eviction this week during the Black Envelope game.

The game tool place midway through the HOH game, as Big Brother summoned the housemates into the arena and asked them to search the house for black envelopes. These envelopes had been strategically placed around the house while they were in the arena. However, the housemates were instructed to avoid searching in the Arena, Diary room, and Head of House floor. Each person could only find one envelope within the 5 minutes period. If they found one, they would have to stop searching and wait for the game to conclude.

But Kiddwaya, Princess, and Tolanibaj were disqualified from playing because they began searching before being instructed. In the end Mercy found the first envelope, while Frodd found the second. Both were asked to read the content of their envelopes at the end of the five minutes mark. Mercy envelope read, “You have been granted immunity from this week’s nomination.” While Frodd’s envelope contained the words, “Better luck next time.”

If the twists of Monday’s games are any indication. The Big Brother Naija All Stars edition might be the best one yet.


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