Ajebutter 22 vividly paints the soft life in his new album, “Soundtrack To The Good Life”

Soundtrack To The Good Life: the guide to living a soft life. Read, listen, and enjoy!

Cover artwork for “Soundtrack To The Good Life”

Soft life: living a life of comfort and low stress; perks: wealth, unending vacation year-round, promiscuity, power, and/or influence. Ajebutter 22 made sure to depict this in the new album, “Soundtrack To The Good Life”. “My motto is: Chop life and live long”, he says in Floating.

This is Ajebutter 22’s first album since 2017. Definitely one of the most anticipated albums of 2023 and the Alté Hall of Famer did not disappoint in his offering of a new project. He paints a picture of what the soft life is about, making in-tune music to the good life everyone desires, one he appropriately tags as a soundtrack.

Off the rip, Ajebutter 22 enlists tech guru, prolific writer, and trained spoken word poet, Koromone Komolafe, simply identified on a first-name basis to narrate what the soft life is all about. First-class flights, cabin view of the pilot, pink salmon and poached eggs, Aramaic glow oil, all grades of steaks, and vacation-at-the finger-tip just to name a few characteristics of what the soft life entails.

Immediately, a beautiful transition leads listeners to the first actual song, Soft Life featuring LADIPOE with the intro by Ajebutter 22 re-establish the purpose of the album, “This is enjoyment music / When you and your babe want to travel out / You know the vibes / ‘butter is here.” For Ajebutter 22, the soft life never ends, LADIPOE’s outro complements, “You know by now, flexing is muscle memory at this point”, the next track is rightly titled Enjoyment featuring rapper-singer duo, Ajebo Hustlers.

One thing Ajebutter 22 never fails to show off is his charismatic persona with the unique rap flow that sounds more conversational and rhythmic than the usual fast-paced flows rappers embody to tell their story.

Another unique feature of the Soundtrack To The Good Life album is its sonic direction. Thematically, it was on point. Tailored perfectly to what the soft life is, never swaying. Additionally, the production of the tracks is tight, major thanks to Chilz, ZYDM BEATS, and Spax for making the bulk of the gracious mid-tempo to up-tempo beats of the 15 tracks. This segues beautifully with the nice transitions in the album. A well-produced album on all fronts.

Tracklist and credits for Ajebutter 22’s third album, Soundtrack To The Good Life

The featured acts from LADIPOE to Ajebo Hustlers to Jeff Akoh (Fire) to Oxlade (Unconditionally) to Kida Kudz to Joey B and KiDi (Dey Okay), down to the MC Hypeman, Toby Shang (Amapiano x Shisha), to the ultimate track’s guest singers, Melissa and Not3s (Hear My Sound) all brought their A-game, synchronizing melodically with the main character, Ajebutter 22.

When it comes to making music, Ajebutter 22 is viewed as being multi-talented, but among all facets he personifies, it is his witty lyricism that usually makes the front page cover. He has built a steady reputation for himself as the world play maestro. Quotables like “You make me high, I no dey land” (Light Spark), “Chilling with Funke and Ifunaya / I think that will match / Start a fire / Fire to my chest / Mo ma gbe e s’aya” (Fire), “And I’m making the best of self-employment / They should make the mascot of employment” (Floating), “Baby sit down and get comfortable / Arrest my feelings like constable / Oya look at me and don’t lose focus / You know I got magic like Hocus Pocus” (Sunmoju) highlight the pop star’s lyrical strength.

Gyptian‘s “Hold You” is interpolated in Sunmoju‘s outro while “Call My Name” by Nigerian Dancehall legend, Daddy Showkey, is sampled in the bridge of Finish Me. This gives room for Ajebutter 22 to show off his broad music knowledge and dexterity.

The go-to sound in the album is Afropop, but Ghanaian Highlife (Dey Okay) while South Africa’s Amapiano is blasted on King of Parole and Amapiano x Shisha to provide a diverse soundscape for the album.

Do you aspire to live the soft life, and as such need a guide? Soundtrack To The Good Life by Ajebutter 22 is ready to mentor you all the way. All that is required from you is clicking the play button. Enjoy!


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