0xlade and Camila Cabello get together for “KU LO SA” remix

Oxlade calls for intimacy, Camila Cabello responds. “KU LO SA” remix is formed!

Camilla Cabello (left) and Oxlade (right) on the cover artwork for “KU LO SA”

The Cuban-American pop star Camila Cabello appears in the remix of Oxlade‘s viral tune “KU LO SA,” which was originally released on June 10, 2022, as part of the “A Colors Show” live performance series on YouTube. On November 3rd, Camila Cabello teased bits of the remix’s lyrics on her social networking sites and used the hashtag ‘#oxlade’ to respond directly to requests for information from fans. On December 7th, the two vocalists went Live on Instagram to explicitly disclose the “KU LO SA” remix. Shortly after the show, that is, Instagram Live, the two incredibly talented singers shared a teaser of the collaboration as well as the launch date (December 9, 2022).

Oxlade already gave “KU LO SA” his all, therefore he saw no need to tweak his verse or add more (lyrically) to the remix which left ample room for Camila Cabello to showcase her collaborative skill. 

Keeping the same theme as the original, Camila Cabello sings from the viewpoint of a female needing physical attention from a male companion, especially one that involves them getting covered in the sheets of the mattress. “I pull you close when you hit the spot and / Boy, you never I never fake for no one, na, na / You know I’ll never fake for no one / What you see is what you get / So pull over, come closer (Pull over, ku lo sa) / Make you forget you had an ex (Ku lo sa)”, she sings about the sensual intimacy she derives from her new partner and her desire to sustain it. 

The remix of “KU LO SA” is seen as strategic because the original gained enough traction to give Oxlade his first international breakout hit and it is expected for this Camila Cabello-assisted single to introduce Oxlade to a new demographic of listeners, especially the Latin-American music lovers. 

The song is produced by Mavins-affiliated beat-maker, Ozedikus, and runs for almost two and a half minutes, just about the right playtime to guarantee the best replay value among streamers of music online. 

Oxlade and Camila Cabello invite you to get “KU LO SA”:


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