Zinoleesky and Tiwa Savage match energy on “Jaiye Foreign”

Zinoleesky and Tiwa Savage match each other lyrically and energetically on the Pheelz-produced “Jaiye Foreign”.

Jaiye Foreign artwork

Zinoleesky might have done what his new listeners have been clamouring on for a while by taking a break from Amapiano-type beats. He does this in style by joining forces with the queen diva, Tiwa Savage, on the beautiful Jaiye Foreign song. The new single is produced by Pheelz.

Zinoleesky and Tiwa Savage match energy majestically in Jaiye Foreign, blending vocals and delivering incredible verses as they make their intentions known to each other; Tiwa Savage yearns to be pampered affectionately but Zinoleesky begs to differ, being clear as daylight, stating his intentions are purely sexual, no string attached.

Zinoleesky’s first verse and second verse show a sharp contrast of feelings and emotions toward his love interest. In verse one, he appears to be on his best behaviour, wearing his heart on his sleeve by revealing his innermost feelings to his girl, “All the time, I wanna be with you / Girl, I’m tryna figure what I mean to you / She say this feeling is more than love”, he sings but after a strong reality check from Tiwa Savage on the chorus (“Maybe na the highness (highness) / Make me look the finest to you / Maybe na the finesse (finesse) / I go wait till half past two”), he sobers up and comes to his senses, immediately letting go of any form of attachment he might have had the previous night, “Don’t listen to me girl I’m drunk / I’m only in love with my song / When I wake up in the morning / Don’t say what are we now? / I’m sorry”, Zinoleesky chutzpah can only be admired.

Zinoleesky keeps up this “bad boy vibe” till the song ends, shunning Tiwa Savage’s sultry seductive mannerism in verse three. All he has to offer apart from sexual adventures is the promise of providing her with a rollercoaster experience in real life, “Ma gbe e lo jaiye foreign o”, he says.


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