Michael B Jordan: Confirms Creed IV is Happening


Michael B. Jordan, who stars in and directs the upcoming Creed 3 film, recently confirmed that Creed 4 is in the works. Jordan revealed this news during an interview with IGN at the IGN Fan Fest. stating that “I just want to expand the Creed-verse within reason, but definitely expect other things around Creed for sure.”

A follow-up to the Rocky movies, the Creed film follows Adonis Creed. As he rises in the boxing world, that forces him to overcome countless internal and external obstacles. Creed 1, which debuted in 2015 to critical and commercial success. Grossing $173 million worldwide and earning Sylvester Stallone a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role. 

Stallone will, however, be absent from the upcoming trilogy finale, Creed 3, which will hit theaters on March 3. Michael B. Jordan remains an integral aspect of the franchise. as the film will mark his directorial debut. 

Creed 3 follows Adonis Creed as he faces off against his childhood friend Damien “Dame” Anderson (Jonathan Majors), who, after finishing a prison sentence, wants to return to the ring. According to several sources, Jordan is dedicated to executing the task.

Even going as far as seeking directing advice from veteran actor and Film Critic Award-winning director Denzel Washington and Golden Globe Award-nominated director Bradley Cooper. He said, “Talking with Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, and others who have directed themselves, they told me you have to find your groove and your pace with your first AD and actors.” He continued, “But it’s also like having a superpower: within your performance, you can also direct.” It saves some time in some areas because you get a chance to self-correct in the moment. So that’s a liberating experience to have. “It became fun after a while.” 

Although faced with numerous challenges, Jordan successfully wrapped up the film. while detailing his directing experience and the film’s villain. Jordan said, “I think he has an intensity and a realness of character we haven’t seen before.” “He’s a grounded character who’s antagonistic by nature, but it comes from an honest place, from real emotions.” 

“He’s not a mustache-twirling villain; I wanted people to understand him and make it hard for people.” “I think those make for the most complicated and interesting ones to watch.”

Creed 3 is currently slated for a March 3, 2023 release date. 


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