“I’m working on my documentary” – Davido

While discussing political topics with Davido (who recently led the campaign for one of his keens in his hometown, Osun State, Nigeria), the interviewer, DJ Edu noticed his change of posture to an upright one from the laid back relaxed sitting position which prompted him (the interviewer—DJ Edu) to ask, “It’s funny I sit here and talk to you. We are talking about music, you’re really calm and collected but when we start talking about politics and change and orphanages and helping others, you jump out your seat, is it just the kind of person you are, is it your passion?”, to which Davido replied: “No because I’ve been doing music for eleven years so I feel like other things kind of excite me more ’cause you know even with the music you branch out to other things like who are all the great musicians now that have done it?” Citing Rihanna’s Fenty franchise as example on how she has gone to build her beauty brand to a bigger-than-life status

I’m working on my documentary, it’s gonna come out on Netflix, it’s gonna be amazing, it’s one of a kind . . . It’s gonna have everything in it.” Davido continued his answer to BBC’s DJ Edu’s question. During the course of the interview, he dropped more exclusives, revealing his plans to diversify into movies and fashion; Davido also said he is working on a TV game show and fans should be on the look out because it is going to be nice.

Musicians releasing a documentary is not a new thing, Chris Brown in “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life” (2017), Billie Eilish documents her path to stardom in “The World’s A Little Blurry” (2021), Beyoncé stars in “Homecoming” (2019)—a film on her performance at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The most recent being Kanye West 3-part documentary on Netflix, “Jeen-Yuhs” (2022) have all gone to showcase certain aspects of their personal life unknown to the media and public at large.

You can skip to the 27:00 timeline to watch Davido speak on his passion and his plans about the documentary or rather catch the full scoop of his interview with BBC:


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