DAHMER Passes 1 Billion Views on Netflix

Several Netflix productions seem to be hitting major milestones this week, as Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story crosses one billion hours viewed, a feat previously achieved by only two previous productions, Stranger Things 4 and Squid Game. This makes the Evan Peters-led show the third Netflix show in the company’s history to cross this mark in a relatively short period of time, as the show, which was released on September 21, reached this achievement by the 60-day mark. 

However, while this achievement is impressive, the other two shows crossed the 1 billion views mark within a month of their premiere, and Squid Game still remains the undisputed jewel of the Netflix catalog with 1.65 billion hours viewed. while Season 4 of Stranger Things currently has 1.35 billion views, making it the first English-language Netflix series to achieve this.  Interestingly, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story received massive backlash over its portrayal of the true story of the cannibalistic serial killer and its dramatization of the horrific details surrounding Jeffrey Dahmer’s (Evan Peters) murder spree with little to no regard for the victims’ families.

Jeffrey Dahmer, who throughout his life targeted young men, was discovered to have killed and dismembered 17 young men between 1978 and his arrest in 1991. But backlash notwithstanding, with such significant viewership numbers, it’s unsurprising that Netflix has greenlit at least two additional seasons of Monster, which is poised to take the form of an anthology series. The show runners, Murphy and Brennan, have said that the upcoming seasons will center on “monstrous figures who have impacted society”, so fans of the show can look forward to seeing the story of another famous serial killer in Monster’s next installment, though it is not currently known who would be taking the stage next.

However, it is unlikely that a new season will arrive on Netflix anytime soon.  


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