Burna Boy and Byron Messia Are a Deadly Duo in ‘Taliban II’


Burna Boy owns the remix of Byron Messia’s hit single, ‘Taliban.’

Cover artwork for ‘Taliban II’

Burna Boy picks up from where Bryon Messia left off in Taliban for Taliban II. Headshots, direct threats, fending off enemies, and heavy ammo surround Taliban II. To give the original more international appeal, Byron taps Burna for the remix of Taliban tagged Taliban II.

One thing about Burna Boy is his no-room policy for disrespect and insults. Should anyone think of “insulting [his] intelligence,” Burna Boy guarantees to “make the sparks fly like electrician.”

How much ammunition does Burna Boy’s arsenal boast of? (1) “glizzy with the switch darg”; (2) “Ztekk full of bomb like Afghanistan,” he lists a few.

Although not a fan of fake and unwelcome companies, Burna big up the real ones from “Saint Kitts to Trinidad.” Burna Boy declares himself a Taliban, warning the neighborhood to keep off. With authority, “You should a keep in your bed ’cause the Talibans them a make walk / We no laugh up / We no take talk / Badness a weh we endorse,” he stamps. 

For his part, Byron Messia brings back the melodious but grimy pre-chorus and a shorter version of his original second verse. The mission remains the same—“make people a moan out” because “[he] know the enemy them a pree.”

Thanks to Spaceship Billy, Kelly Beatz, and Ej Fya, we have the sonic intertwining of Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and Afropop production. The terrific play of the Taliban character by Burna and Messia makes for a banging tune. 

Taliban II is a must-listen. Go stream it: 


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