Ajebo Hustlers release their second project, “Bad Boy Etiquette 101”

Listen to Ajebo Hustlers paint their ideas of love on their second project, “Bad Boy Etiquette 101”.

Bad Boy Etiquette 101 - Ajebo Hustlers

It is December, the end of the year, but the singer and rapper duo, Ajebo Hustlers have no plans of slowing down yet, as they hit the music market with their second (2nd) project since their big break in 2020. This project is titled “Bad Boy Etiquette 101” featuring big names in the Nigerian music industry in Fave (“In Love”) and Mayorkun [“No Love (18 Plus)”]. 

In their usual style, Piego (the rapper) exercises patience as he waits on his partner-in-crime, Knowledge, to fill up the instrumentals with catchy melodies before switching up the flow with witty rhymes and tricky wordplays. This formula perfectly works for Ajebo Hustlers in “Bad Boy Etiquette 101” and they do not seem to be relenting in their use of that formula or music-making method anytime soon. 

With “Bad Boy Etiquette 101”, Ajebo Hustlers tackle love from both sides, that is giving and receiving, but in the end, they seem not to have found long-lasting partners or relationships for themselves. Bar the first track (“Dreams”), every other song [six (6) in total] speak on all the processes of love, from searching and finding interest in the opposite sex (“In Love”) to the problems that come with dating, improper conduct of the partner (in this case, the woman) which cause the partners to drift apart (“Kisses”), a cheating partner [“No Love (18 Plus)”]. 

All these problems are perfectly summed up in “No Peace (Violence)” through Knowledge’s statement on his relationship status, “I’m incapable of love / I’ve been hurt many times, so it’s hard for me to give trust / I’m incapable of love / I’ve been burnt many times, so it’s hard for me to give trust”. It is such self-aware reflection that gives “Bad Boy Etiquette 101” its unique ardor. 

Tracklist and credits

All seven (7) tracks stand out but of greater allure is the last record, “Burn My Cable”, which sublimely integrates Igbo Highlife and UK drill in its production. 

It is now time for you to engross yourself in the thirty (30) minutes musical rendition by Ajebo Hustlers titled “Bad Boy Etiquette 101”: 


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