US narrowly advances in Women’s World Cup


The U.S. women’s national team narrowly advanced in the Women’s World Cup, escaping disaster by the thinnest of margins. In a critical moment, with the match tied 0-0 in stoppage time against Portugal, the USWNT breathed a collective sigh of relief as Portugal’s Ana Capeta’s shot hit the post and missed the goal. Goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher acknowledged the danger posed by Portugal’s counterattacks and praised Naomi Girma for her crucial defensive play, forcing the shot to go wide.

Despite the less-than-ideal result, the USWNT secured the second spot in their group and now faces a challenging matchup against Sweden in the round of 16. Memories of Sweden’s dominant performance against the USWNT in the Tokyo Olympics two years ago make this encounter one to approach with caution.

Striker Alex Morgan acknowledged that the draw with Portugal was not the team’s desired outcome, but she expressed unwavering faith in her teammates and their abilities. The team remains confident and determined to prove their worth on the field.

When asked if Sweden would be the favorites in the upcoming round, Morgan’s response was simple and direct: “No.” The USWNT is ready to face the challenge and show their true potential as they continue their journey in the Women’s World Cup.


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