Premier League approves kneeling protests and ‘Black Lives Matter’ on shirts

Ever since the killing of African-American George Floyd in the United States on May 25, protests have erupted
around the globe when a police officer, accused of second-degree murder, knelt on his neck for several minutes. 
A statement by players from all 20 Premier League clubs said: “We, the players, stand together with the common goal of eradicating racial
discrimination wherever it exists, to bring about a global community of inclusion, equality, and equal opportunity for all, regardless of their color or creed.
England ‘s international Jadon Sancho was among the first players to protest during last month’s Borussia Dortmund rout of Paderborn by showing a t-shirt branded “Justice for George Floyd.” The Premier League returns as Manchester City host Arsenal and Sheffield United move to Aston Villa with two matches on June 17. A full round of 10 fixtures will then be held with Black Lives Matter on the back of the players’ shirts between June 19 and 22. A Black Lives Matter logo will appear on shirts for the remaining 80 matches of the campaign along with a badge thanking Britain’s National Health Service for their efforts during the coronavirus crisis.
Liverpool showed their support when their players posted a photo at a training session in Anfield where they all knee-taked. Before Wednesday’s friendly against Brentford, Arsenal’s players also wear T-shirts with a number of messages on them, like ‘I can’t breathe,’ ‘My skin isn’t a crime,’ and ‘I’m not black but I’m standing with you.’



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