In the latest “Emancipation” trailer, Will Smith fights for freedom


A brand-new trailer for Apple Original Films’ forthcoming star-studded thriller “Emancipation” has been published.

The 1863 photographs of “Whipped Peter” obtained during a Union Army medical inspection served as inspiration for the Antoine Fuqua-directed movie, in which Will Smith portrays the enslaved Peter who will do everything to reconcile with his family.

The trailer begins with a monologue by Peter in which he says to his family “Thank you, God,” and “The Lord is with us.” Just before he is transferred to another plantation, he asks, “What can a mere man possibly do to me?” Peter is seen in the video running away, evading gunfire, fighting alligators, and finally enlisting in the Union army. Peter states throughout a terrifying sequence of combat, torture, and survival moments “”I fight them,” “They humiliated me.” They spank me. They have broken more of my bones than I can count. But , they will never break me.” The final image of the teaser shows Peter sitting with his back to the camera and displaying the noticeable wounds from the physical assault he endured.

Emancipation will have its theatrical debut on December 2 and be live on Apple TV+ on Friday, December 9.


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