Blaqbonez shares his hedonistic views on “Young Preacher” album


Blaqbonez is not scared to share his hedonistic views on YOUNG PREACHER.


If a high sex-drive and non-stop paper-chase were to be epitomised in a person, Blaqbonez (born Emeka Akumefule) fits the description way more than the average man. Not being afraid to air his views on subject matters people might consider toxic is one of Blaqbonez’s greatest strengths and in the pursuit of self-pleasure, women, booze and money seem to be his go-to guilty pleasures and oh, sharing his no-so-unorthodox beliefs but with an unconventional approach is always a trick hidden in his arsenal; this Blaqbonez does in bright colours on his latest album, Young Preacher.

Hedonist: a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker. Blaqbonez embodies the definition of a hedonist without leaving a stone unturned. Lyrics such as “Yeah ni–a I still rock fake Nikes / If you got a problem, pull up and fight me” (Fake Nikes), “Girl you know I can admit I want you desperately / If I did, If I told you that we were gon’ get in a relationship / And if we did, girl you know I’ll gon’ f–k around and cheat / ‘Cos you want loyalty and I can’t give you loyalty” (Loyalty) and “My bro Ckay told me ‘You gotta gauge the energies’ / I don’t agree but he’s probably right /. . . . / So maybe I be f–king girls that be blocking my shine / But it’s calm, I’m still moving at a good pace / Bouta to drop money for my own place / Fast life, I’ll make a milli’ on a slow day / I ain’t in a rush, I’mma get there on my own way” (I’d Be Waiting) give the listeners insight into the singer-rapper’s mindset, one in which he doesn’t overthink things so far they provide him momentary pleasure.

In sharing these beliefs of his, Blaqbonez recruits some of the finest vocalists in Africa: Lojay and Amaarae are called upon on the romantic toxic Whistle jam, Tay Iwar switches his flows to become a trapper on Ring Ring, Blxckie and Cheque concurs to wearing Fake Nikes on the sixth track, Bien and Takura serenade their respective lovers on Mazoe while Tekno just wants sexual satisfaction as he calls on Ess Mama.


Despite being hedonistic, Blaqbonez still finds avenues to introspect, searching and questioning his thoughts, seeking ways to be a better man personally and to the society. This deep conscious rap can be heard on the intro record Young Preacher, the penultimate song Back On BS and the closer, I’d Be Waiting which samples Asa’s classic 360° record from her eponymous debut album “Asa”.

Young Preacher is forerun by Back In Uni and Fake Nikes which dropped with a visualizer some few hours before the album’s official release. Now is the time to listen to the Young Preacher’s sermon, pay attention!


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