Terri replies critics over Reggae instrumentals on “Life”

Better face your own life / . . . / Better get your facts right“, Terri sternly warns on his first single of 2022 centred around addressing the countless rumours about his personal life and career as well as sending a strong message to critics to stay out of his business. Life is the title of the new single.

Terri singles over classic Reggae production on Life, returning the backlash he’s received from critics especially on the internet meddling into his affairs, especially that of his seemingly low-profile career cum lifestyle. “Father Lord please forgive for they don’t know what they speak / “Cho cho cho”, “Yen yen yen”, all the time you want to speak / Kilon suppin bayi / Shey na what you sell I buy? / And you want to tell me, you want to show me how to live my life”, Terri calmly tells disturbers to free him from their negative energy. “Don’t sleep, I’m up all night“, he says regarding what he is primarily focused on, music.

Plush vocals, simple yet immaculate flows and sweet melodies are gems from Terri’s Life and oh, the short span (1 minute 29 seconds) which guarantees spontaneous replay value will definitely get you hooked.


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