Rema woos lady with sweet melody on “Calm Down”


Baby, calm down oh-oh, calm down oh-oh / Girl, this your body e put my heart for lockdown / For lockdown, oh lockdown / Girl you sweet like Fanta oh-oh, Fanta oh-oh / If I tell you say, “I love you”, no dey form yanga, oh yanga oh“, Rema previewed while cruising in his car yesterday in announcement of his newly released single—Calm Down.

Rema woos a girl he meets a parry with sweet serenading melody on new song as he affectionately sing about wanting her and having her occupy his thoughts even after waking up the next day. “I see this fine girl, for my party she wear yellow / Every other girl they dey do too much but this girl mellow“, Rema sings on having his eye on this particular lady and the attractive quality of her on the verse one while complemeting how much distorted she has his thinking ability on the second verse, “As I reach my house, I say make I rest small, oh-woah (Make I rest small, oh-woah) / As me I wake up na she dey my mind, oh-woah (Na she dey my mind, oh-woah) / Day one, day two-wo, I no fit foc-o-us (I no fit focus)“.

To know if Rema secured the love of the lady (from verse one) on the Andrevibez & London produced Calm Down, listen to the full song:

Calm Down is the fourth track on Rema’s forthcoming album, “Rave & Roses” to be released on March 25, 2021.


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