Olamide reveals his son is the idea behind naming latest album “UY Scuti”


Olamide latest studio album—UY Scuti—is out on all platforms, much to the delight of his fans, music lovers and critics as well. In an interview with Apple Music for the album’s promotion, Olamide reveals some facts about UY Scuti and his personal life which is sure to surprise many of us. Here’s a breakdown of some of the many words said:

• His 11th studio album, UY Scuti, is a sequel to “Carpe Diem” on which Olamide is giving us comfortable laid-back tunes, he said: “Carpe Diem was the begining of the new me and I took it to the next level of Olamide’s new direction on [UY Scuti].” This is sign hinting that Olamide might just be done making Hip-Hop/Rap records or probably just taking a break. Who knows?

• On what to expect on UY Scuti, Olamide tells Apple Music: “This is a full-time pop album, and it’s way, way above everything I’ve ever done.” Is this Olamide subtly telling us that this is his favourite album yet?

• Why is the album titled “UY Scuti”? Olamide explains: “My son is a huge fan of astrology, and one day he asked me what the biggest star in the universe was. I found out; it stuck in my head and I titled the project the project that because it’s the biggest move I’ve made in my career in my career.” Lovely, isn’t it?

• Among the four different artistes featured on his latest album, one stands out, appearing twice infact, and that is Fave. Olamide breakdown how their paths crossed: “Fave is my G!” subtly adding that he is now a married man, Olamide continues: “I stumbled on her music when my wife sent me a link to a song of hers last year.”

• “Somebody” featuring Phyno might not have the album as Olamide tells Apple Music that he and very close friend and fellow musician, Phyno just planned on recording some songs together and giving them to their close associates for the fun of it but Phyno’s verse was the morale behind him recording the fire verse and hook and hence the track No. 9 making the cut for the album.

You can find out more facts, listen to and stream the album as well on Apple Music.


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