Most Expensive Nigerian Secondary School With Mind Blowing Fees

In recent times, private educators are trying their best to provide a better standard of education for Nigerians. Though this comes with the clause of the better the school, the most expensive it becomes. Even at this, not considering the economic situation of the country, parents don’t hesitate to withdraw their wards from public schools and enroll them in their private counterparts once they can afford the fee.
It is surprising to note that there are some secondary schools in Nigeria whose fees are more expensive when compared to some higher institutions of learning. Here is a list of 10 most expensive lower institutions in Nigeria, and the fees they charge

Hillcrest School, Jos – 2.25million Naira

Located in the North Central city of Jos, this school is owned by eight mission/church organizations, a Christian school with an American curriculum. Annually, almost all their graduates are admitted into America University.

Loyola Jesuit, Abuja – 2.8 Million Naira

Established in 1996, Loyola college is a Christian school, situated in the village of Gidan Mangoro in Abuja.

Meadow Hall, Lagos – 3 Million Naira

Established in 2002 by one Mrs. Kehinde Nwani of Meadow groups, situated on the Lagos-Epe express road Lekki, Meadow charge as high as 3 million.

GreenSpring School, Lagos 3.2 million

The school is a member of the International Schools Curriculum Project (ISCP)
Association of International schools In Africa (AISA). The school runs both day and boarding facilities.

Day Waterman College, Abeokuta – N3.7 million

Located along Sagamu Expressway, Asu Village Road, Abeokuta. It is a modern co-educational boarding school. The fees are high as N 3.7 million.

Lekki British International High School, Lagos – N4 million

A British School was originally established in the year 2000. They pay the maximum amount as $19,500 + N200,000 development fee. In naira, a student pays N4,000,300 per session with all other fees included.

American International School, Abuja – N4.3 Million

The American International School, located at Drumi area within the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria is an American-accredited international school that has been open since 1993. The can school can boast of over over 30 nationalities represented in the students’ population. The tuition fee per annum is $20,970.00.


British International School, Lagos – N4.48 million

The British International School is a multinational co-educational school established in September 2001. Funny enough, Parents pay their children’s tuition fees in dollars but going by Nigerian currency, each student pays N4,480,000 annually.

Grange High School, Lagos – N4.5 million

The school is one of only three in Nigeria to be accredited by the Uk’s Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS), it is the 2nd costliest secondary school in Nigeria with a fee of 4.5 million Annually

American International School, Lagos – N5.5 Million

The American International School of Lagos (AISL) is a private, coeducational school, which offers an American program for college kids of all nationalities in preschool through 12th grade. The fees here are paid only in the US Dollars.
Here may be a breakdown of the core annual school fees.

-Application fee: $586
-Registration fee: $11,715
-Annual capital Levy: $2,662
-6th – 8th (Middle School): $24,101
-9th – 12th (High School): $27,638
-Special Assessment Fee: $9,010
-English Language Learners (ELL): $5,946
-Student Support: $5,946.

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