Meet Ezz El-Din Bahader, A 75 Year Old Egyptian Turn Pro Footballer.

At 75, one could wonder what type of hope is it to become a pro footballer but Bahader kept his hope of becoming one alive and it came through.
The dreams of playing soccer as a professional had remained unachievable for Ezzeldine Bahader for decades – until, at the age of 75, he registered with the Egyptian Football Association as its oldest player yet.

Bahader, the father of four and grandfather of six, started playing football in the streets of Cairo at the age of six.

As an adult, he was consumed by his work as a civil engineering consultant and later land cultivation expert, the habit of smoking as well. Though he continued playing as an amateur, he abandoned his dream of becoming a professional striker.


General view of Al Masry stadium in Port Said, Egypt. (Reuters file photo)

He lived in Kuwait for 15 years, and he now lives in Rehab city, a gated community in the New Cairo suburb.
Nearly seven decades after kicking his first football, Bahader revived his dream and began applying to join clubs. Finally, he was accepted into October 6, a club that plays in Egypt’s third division.

He is now training with the club, as well as at home with a personal trainer, to regain his fitness

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