Ananda Marga

 Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team Foundation
“On behalf of AMURT Foundation, we would like to express our deep appreciation to your institution for your work in the case of Mrs Beatrice Nweda. We discovered Beatrice in early January. At the same time, she was living in something that can best be described as a box, in the care of a herbalist in Ohatekwe, Edda, Abakaliki LGA, Ebonyi State. Her feet and hands were afflicted by gangrene, resembling leprosy, AMURT Foundation arranged for her admission at the Federal Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki where the diagnosis was Reynaud’s Syndrome. Both her feet and hands were amputated in February.
After a long search for the best institution to assist Beatrice with leg prostheses, we finally decided on Orthofit Orthopaedics in October 2014
For six weeks the Orthofit staff patiently helped to be comfortable and confident in her new prosthetic legs. We were amazed to see that she can now walk by herself unaided. This could only be accomplished by skilled and experienced staff.
We are very satisfied with the services of Orthofit and happy to offer our best recommendations for others in need of prostheses.”

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